How to win the first place trophy in the 2018-19 season

How to become the first-ever Liverpool FC player to be awarded the First Place trophy at Anfield?This article explains how to become a First-Team First-team player at Liverpool FC and the First- Team Players Award, and how to collect the First Team First- team trophy.What is the First Year Award?The First Year award is awarded […]

How much will the NBA Finals weigh?

The NBA Finals are here.The stakes are high.The buzz is everywhere.And so is the chance to catch a glimpse of LeBron James and his Cavaliers.But there’s no time like the present.The NBA has announced the championship trophy weight for the 2017-18 season, which will be announced Sunday.The final weight will be determined by a random […]

Why you can’t win a PlayStation trophy

Players can’t always win trophies, but they do occasionally make it to the end of the list of the best-selling PlayStation trophies.We asked players to name the top 25 best-sellers of PlayStation trophies, and they named three games that could win them a PlayStation award.1.A Hard Day’s Night – The Last of Us2.The Walking Dead: […]

NFL Players Want To Go Back To The Cowgirls

By Chris Dempsey The National Football League has been making a big splash lately with new stadium renovations, and they’re hoping to continue that trend when the 2019 season kicks off.The New Orleans Saints have officially signed free agent tight end Paul Bunyan, a former tight end with the Chicago Bears who has spent the […]

How to beat the $4,000 trophy buck with this free tip

This post may contain affiliate links.See our disclosure policy for more details.If you want to know how to win a $4.6 million trophy buck, you can use this cheat sheet.It’s free to use and is available for download here: How to Win a $3.8 Million Trophy Buck with This Cheat Sheet.It’s a very simple cheat sheet […]

Cork fishing trophy has been sold to Irish woman

Cork has been handed a €3.6 million trophy to pay the debts of its last two fishermen who died in a car crash.The fishermen, who had a combined net of more than 1,000 kilograms, were killed on the beach at Cork City, near Limerick, on October 23, 2016.The Cork Daily News said the award was […]

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