How to watch the NHL’s next best hockey players

A series of new NHL trophies have been announced, including the Lady Byng trophy, the league’s top prize.Here’s a look at the winners and losers from the 10th annual NHL Trophy Ceremony at Joe Louis Arena.The NHL’s top award has been awarded to the winner of the Lady byng, the most prestigious trophy in the […]

How did we get here? – How we got here

A few decades ago, when the UK’s then-first-ever gold medal for the fastest sea-skimming boat, the Paddle Boat, was awarded, the country had a population of just two million.Its new gold medal-winning bronze-medallist, the Mascot, will now have an even bigger target on her back.In an event where all four medals have already been won, […]

What is a Bronco Trophy Truck?

How does one name a truck that is so ubiquitous?A Bronco Truck?A Broncos Truck?It’s a bit of a conundrum.But, as the Denver Broncos’ trophy truck has proven, it’s still a vehicle to be reckoned with.So, what is a Broncos Trophy Truck, you ask?Well, for starters, this is a truck with a name.And it’s a name […]

Pokemon X & Y trophy maker gets $100M funding

The company that brought us Pokemon, Pokemon Go and Pokemon-inspired game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, has been granted $100 million in funding from investors including SoftBank and Tandem Venture Partners.The Pokemon X and Y Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS trophies will be produced by Tandem.The company said in a press release that […]

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