How to become a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ on Reddit

Reddit is a hive of activity on the social networking site.In a bid to improve its social and political credibility, the platform has been providing a host of prizes for its users. The prizes range from “Bharats aayog” (the best karma) to “Reddit Gold” (best Reddit post). These awards, if awarded, can be used for anything from […]

Why we love rugby union

2 football trophies awarded to the best players in each country on the global stage, a new award for the country where they played.This year, a national champion was crowned for Australia.The AFL’s Kangaroos took home the inaugural Rugby League World Cup trophy in Auckland, New Zealand, and the NRL’s Stormers earned the NRL trophy […]

The real story behind the new trophy skin from BioWare’s ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

BioWare has released a new set of trophies for the first-person shooter’s new expansion, Star Wars: Operation: The New Republic.Players will earn trophies for completing the game’s “Legacy Challenges,” a series of online multiplayer challenges that are tied to specific character classes.They include “Achievement 2” and “Achieving 2” for each character class.In addition, players will […]

What is the Norris Trophy? – Fox News

There is a very interesting story behind the trophy of the best driver of the modern era.The Norris Trophy is the driving honor of the most prestigious drivers in motorsports.It is named after the late Jimmie Johnson, who won six races at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.In addition to Johnson, the Norris trophy was […]

How did we get here? – How we got here

A few decades ago, when the UK’s then-first-ever gold medal for the fastest sea-skimming boat, the Paddle Boat, was awarded, the country had a population of just two million.Its new gold medal-winning bronze-medallist, the Mascot, will now have an even bigger target on her back.In an event where all four medals have already been won, […]

Why don’t I win F1 trophies?

It’s hard to say why you should always win trophies, especially as your team is not always the best in the league, but if you are in the top six you should be able to achieve at least one of them.If you do, you can then move onto the next trophy.If you have not reached […]

How to react to a trophy ridge react

I don’t usually go for big, sweeping gestures when reviewing a game, but I wanted to give you a heads up on a few of my favorite tips that can help you avoid being overwhelmed by a trophy-riddled trophy ridge.This article will help you better understand the mechanics of the trophy ridge, what it’s good […]

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