Which NHL players are the fittest in the league?

By Joe McDonald – Updated September 28, 2018 12:51:51There are a few players that can claim the title of fittest on the ice, but there’s one player who may actually be a little bit tougher on the fitness side.

It’s no secret that every NHL player has to take time off after every game to recover from injuries and get their bodies ready for a full season of hockey.

The players on the Panthers’ roster are all doing that, so when you look at their training regimen, you’ll see that they are working hard to keep their bodies as fit as possible.

Head Coach Bob Murray said after practice on Thursday that they’re doing the same thing.

“We’ve done all the rehab and recovery work, so that’s one thing we do a lot of during the season, just to keep our bodies as fresh as possible,” Murray said.

The Panthers’ training facility is located on the property of the Panthers Hockey Club.

Murray said that the facility has the equipment needed to provide all the players with an up-to-date nutritional intake.

While the Panthers training facility will certainly be an improvement over the Panthers facilities before and during the regular season, they also have the training facilities in place to provide their players with a full complement of recovery activities and recovery equipment.

Murray added that the Panthers have been using this equipment for several months now.

“It’s really been an integral part of our training program.

We’ve actually had a couple of guys go out there and just do some things for us.

It’s kind of a mix between what we do at home and the training facility, but it’s a mix we do,” Murray told reporters on Thursday.

The training facility has had the equipment for months, so it’s not just about getting a few extra minutes of ice time to go to the ice on the way to the dressing room.

It also helps keep players’ minds sharp, and the Panthers were able to put on a clinic session at the training center this week.

“I think it’s really important to understand the difference between what the training and the game of hockey means,” Murray explained.

It doesn’t just give you the physical workout, it’s more of a mental workout as well. “

It’s a different kind of workout.

It doesn’t just give you the physical workout, it’s more of a mental workout as well.

We go out and do some of the exercises that are part of the rehabilitation, as well as the cardio and everything that we do.”

Murray said that this is part of his process of getting the Panthers players ready for the regular-season, which is important.

“When we talk with the players, it is really important that they understand what we are trying to accomplish.

If we want to win a Stanley Cup, they want to be able to be healthy,” Murray stated.

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