How to play baseball with a team of friends


Sign up for a free account, login with your email and password.


Sign in to the MLB account.


On the game page, select Teams.


The list of players will display as follows: Name of team: (Name) Team: (Age) Age: Name of player: Team: (Position) Position: Name: Players: Position: Player: (Age) Age: Name of player(s): Team (Name of team): (Position Name) Position Name: Names: Sign in and play with your team.

The game will be paused and you can leave it to play for a while.

You can go back to it and resume if you want to. 5.

When you are done playing, click the “Play” button to start the game again.


When the game starts, you will see a list of the players in your team (or team’s list).

Select a player to be your teammate.


Each player has a set amount of turns to play, and each player can have up to five teammates.

If you need a friend, or if you need to talk to your friend, just click the player’s name on the right side of the screen.


The players will start moving around the field as they talk, and as you move, the players will be able to talk.


When a player joins the team, he/she will be shown a list containing the names of their teammates.


When your team is winning or losing, you can tell them to start playing.


When their team loses, they will automatically quit the game.


Once the game is over, the leaderboard will display the number of wins and losses.


You will see the score of the previous and next most recent games played.


You are given the option to keep playing.

If so, you are not allowed to stop playing.

You do not need to do anything else to keep the game going.


You may play in tournaments, and if you do so, the team can also play in the tournaments.


If your team loses to your opponent, you get a chance to win a cash prize.


If the player is the one who is getting paid, you receive the cash prize of $1,000.


You get a notification when a player dies.


When it is time to start a new game, a timer will display on the game screen.

If it is the same as your previous game, you start a fresh game.

If not, you must start a game from scratch.


The player who has won the most cash prizes will be the leader of the team. 

The leader of a team is the person who wins the most money, and the other players on the team get money based on how much they have won.

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