Why it’s so important to keep track of the cars winning titles – John Clarkson

When the first of a new generation of F1 cars arrived in the UK last month, it was a reminder that, as with the first generation of cars, the championship is a battle of cars.

But this is no ordinary championship.

It’s a battle between drivers, teams, teams and fans.

That means it is about the drivers.

And it is also about the fans, who are now expected to turn out to watch their favourite drivers on the race track.

The British Grand Prix is the home of Formula One’s oldest and most successful drivers, and it’s a place where many will want to watch the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The title will be decided by who has the most points and, at the moment, no-one has more than Nico Rosburg.

And this is why the fans are so important, says John Clarkson, the owner of the Formula One Championship trophy.

“It’s the fans who have given this sport such a long and passionate life,” he said.

“They’ve helped build this sport and it will be an enormous honour for them to see their favourite car win a championship.”

And he’s right.

But the championship will also be won by drivers who, like Hamilton and Rosberg, are young and inexperienced.

Clarkson is hoping that the new car, the RB12, can give them a bit of speed and power.

It also has a new look.

But what’s more, it’s going to be cheaper to buy and can be easily changed up.

Clarkson, who has a trackside camera and a set of cameras for fans, has been working with F1 to develop the new vehicle.

It won’t be a Ferrari, but it will have more power and better handling than the current car, and is expected to be ready for the first race in 2018.

There is a big debate about the way to go about designing cars that can handle the high speed, high impact of a Grand Prix.

So it is hoped that F1 will make the car smaller, lighter and quicker.

But it is the fans’ role to be the driving force in deciding who wins.

“I don’t want the fans to be spectators,” said Clarkson.

“When you’re watching someone else win, that’s the thrill.

I want them to be part of that.

But I think they’ll be very proud.”

The winner will receive the trophy, the number of points and a Mercedes car.

“The trophy is the only trophy you’ll be able to take home with you,” Clarkson said.

And he added: “I want to be clear, the trophy isn’t the only thing.

I think it’s important that fans and other fans are involved in the championship.”

It’s an amazing feeling.

It is the start of the long, long, proud journey for Formula One.

The BBC’s Mark Lawrenson contributed to this report

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