How to get the PS4 trophy

You can’t beat a PS4 title. 

This one is worth the price of admission alone. 

And it comes with a free trophy. 

There are three ways you can get this trophy.

You can get it by getting the trophy on the PS3, PS4 or Xbox 360. 

But if you get the trophy online, you’ll need to log in to your PS4 account to get it. 

You can also earn it by playing on the 360.

You can earn this trophy on any of the PSN titles. 

For example, you can earn it on The Division, Destiny and the recently announced Duke Nukem Forever, but not on the other PSN games. 

I would suggest trying to earn it from the PlayStation Store as it’s one of the few ways to get this. 

However, it’s also a good idea to try and get this in the PS Vita version of the game. 

The PlayStation Vita version is free to download and play, but the PS2 version is sold separately. 

It’s also worth noting that if you want to earn this in PS3 or PS4 versions, you will need to purchase a PlayStation Plus to do so. 

If you don’t have any of these games, you don need to download them, as they’re all sold separately on PSN. 

PS4 trophies have a very good trophy guide. 

 There’s also the PS Plus club where you can find PS4 trophies for £5, $10 and $15. 

While you can play the PS5 and PS6 trophies online, you will need a PSN account to do so, as it won’t work on PS Vita. 

Here are the other PlayStation titles you can buy trophies for on the PlayStation 4. 


Grand Theft Auto V – £4.99/€4.79/AU$7.49The game is one of those games that, when you first play, you are a little bit confused. 

GTA V’s online mode is a lot like a first-person shooter. 

All you do is shoot things and take on missions and collect cars and weapons. 

After completing a set number of missions and collecting a certain amount of cars and guns, you get to unlock a bonus character and a special trophy.

This is a good option if you’ve only played one GTA game and want to try it out on the big screen. 

As you progress through the game, you unlock more cars and items and you get more and more of the car collection. 

When you are driving a car, it looks like a real car, even though you are actually driving an unmanned vehicle. 

A lot of this is due to the car physics, which feel quite realistic. 


NBA 2K16 – £19.99 $29.99NBA 2k16’s online features allow you to play the same game in a different timezone. 

In order to do this, you need to sign in to the PS Network. 

Now you can do this from the main menu, but you will be asked to login with your PSN ID. 

To sign in, you go to the Online section of the PlayStation Network.

This allows you to change your PS3 and PS4 console’s timezone to the same timezone and play the game in the same way as you would normally play it.

The main reason why you want this is that, while you can only play online on PS4, you should definitely play it on PS3 as this will allow you the most stable online experience. 


FIFA 18 – £7.99 (£9.99 in the UK)  Fifa 18 has been out for a long time, but this year it has really received a boost. 

One of the biggest things that made the game great was how realistic it was. 

Every single move and passing of the ball is exactly as it is on the pitch. 

Its a good thing that EA took a step back and put FIFA 18 on the consoles, as I find it much more enjoyable on the platform. 


Final Fantasy XV – £24.99/$29.79The release of the Final Fantasy XV on the Xbox One and PS 4 has changed a lot of things about the franchise. 

Firstly, Final Fantasy is no longer available on the PC. 

Secondly, you no longer need a physical copy of the games, so you can download them directly. 

Thirdly, the game is now free to play on PS Plus, PSN and PC, but it requires a subscription. 


Assassin’s Creed Unity – £29.29/€34.99The release date of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on the console is now November 8, but that is the best time to play it in the series. 

Unity has had a massive overhaul over the last few

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