Which is better: The crypto coin’s “meme” or its cryptocurrency’s “trademark”?

In order to determine which coin has the best meme, Coinmarketcap.com looked at the number of mentions the coin had on its own Facebook page, as well as mentions from its Twitter feed and its blog.

The “memes” are the coins’ official Twitter handles, so they’ll always have at least one mention.

The coin has an impressive amount of popularity on the platform, and even has more followers than the top two coins in the list, the Ethereum and Bitcoin, according to Coinmarket.com.

The coins’ Facebook posts are typically the most popular, and the ones from the crypto-coin’s Twitter account usually get the most attention.

The only two coins that are better on Twitter than Coinmarket are Ethereum and Litecoin, according the report.

The Coinmarket article shows that Bitcoin and Ethereum are both on the list.

Ethereum has a strong presence on Twitter, with more than 1 million mentions.

Bitcoin’s number of followers is still low, but it’s growing, according Coinmarket’s research.

“We think the Bitcoin community is much more engaged on Twitter and on its forums than it was a few years ago,” said David Johnson, CoinMarketcap.

“The rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit has opened up a whole new level of engagement for Bitcoin and crypto, and that’s something that we hope will continue to grow.”

The two crypto-coins are on the opposite ends of the spectrum on the Coinmarket ranking.

Ethereum and its “trademark” are only worth about $8.50, compared to the $8,400 cryptocurrency’s value on the coin’s Facebook page.

On the other hand, Litecoin has more than 8.3 million fans, making it one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies.

“Litecoin is one of those coins that has more engagement than any other coin, and is on the rise,” said Johnson.

“In the crypto space, there is a lot of competition from Ethereum and others.

We’re still learning a lot about Litecoin and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but we believe that it’s going to be one of, if not the most interesting.”

The crypto-currency’s popularity on social media isn’t just limited to its official Facebook page: Coinmarket also found a significant increase in mentions of the crypto coin on Twitter.

The tweet count increased by more than 70 percent between July 2017 and June 2018, with over 4.4 million tweets mentioning Litecoin.

There’s a lot to like about Litecoins popularity on Twitter: It has over 2 million followers, it’s easy to follow and it’s highly accessible to everyone.

The cryptocurrency has become one of crypto’s hottest new coins, with a market cap of $5.9 billion.

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