The real story behind the new trophy skin from BioWare’s ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

BioWare has released a new set of trophies for the first-person shooter’s new expansion, Star Wars: Operation: The New Republic.

Players will earn trophies for completing the game’s “Legacy Challenges,” a series of online multiplayer challenges that are tied to specific character classes.

They include “Achievement 2” and “Achieving 2” for each character class.

In addition, players will earn “Awards,” which are small rewards for completing missions.

The trophies are also set to be available for purchase in-game, with BioWare providing a list of the locations for the upcoming in-app purchases.

BioWare announced that players can get the new trophies after completing the “Legacies Challenges” in the game.

“The new trophies for Star Wars Operation: New Republic are a direct result of the game developers’ efforts to give players an opportunity to earn more,” BioWare wrote in a blog post.

“It was important to us that players get their hands on these trophies, so they can experience the game and make the most of it.

As we continue to expand the content of Operation: the New Republic, we’ll be working to make the new content more accessible for all players.

We look forward to sharing more information as we work towards unlocking all of the trophies for players across the globe.”

For now, players can earn the new “Award” for completing “Legates” in multiplayer matches.

Players can also earn “Legendary” trophies for “Ace in a Storm” and other multiplayer challenges.

Players may have already earned their “Avengers” trophies after unlocking them in the beta and will be able to get them once the game launches.

“Legends” and Legendaries will unlock once the new expansions are launched.

Players who have already completed “Legalities” can also get the Legends achievement.


Ware’s first “Legs” achievement, earned for completing all “Legals” missions in “Legos: The Game of Heroes,” will be available once the full game launches, according to BioWare.

“Star Wars Operation New Republic” will launch on November 15.

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