Best and worst trophies in the world

The best trophy is the one that has no bearing on the real world.

It’s also one that makes you feel stupid.

There’s no point trying to justify your own accomplishments if the other people who win are no more worthy of the prize than you.

It makes you wish you were an athlete.

But in reality, no trophy matters as much as the person who won it.

The most important trophy, the one you’re going to remember forever, is the world championship trophy.

It means a lot.

If you’re the first one to hit 300 goals, you should get the best trophy.

But if you’ve ever dreamed of reaching a thousand goals, the world championships trophy might not be enough.

The best trophy for a guy is probably the gold medal.

If he can win a gold medal in football, he’s a winner.

The most important thing about that trophy is its weight.

It should be a lot, because the more it weighs, the bigger it is.

A medal that weighs about 30 grams is an insignificant amount compared to a medal that’s about a tonne.

A few years ago, I won the world’s first ever bronze medal in soccer.

I played in a tournament in the Netherlands where I beat many of the best players in the country.

It was a great tournament, with great goals scored, some great performances, and a lot of pressure.

It wasn’t about how well I could play the game; it was about who I could beat.

But I got my first gold medal on that day.

I remember thinking, if I could win that medal, I could achieve anything.

I was proud to have been a part of this achievement.

A bronze medal is something special.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better than everyone else, but it means you’ve beaten the best.

A silver medal in sports is also very meaningful, but to win one is even more impressive.

You don’t have to be the best to win a silver.

It all comes down to winning.

It’s important to remember that gold medals are just as valuable as any other sports medal.

They’re the only trophies you’ll ever get in life.

You can always win a medal, but the best way to do that is to get your name on the medal.

The more people who have a medal of your name, the more people that have a chance to win.

If you win a bronze medal, you have a good chance of winning a silver, too.

And the more golds you win, the better the chances you’ll get a silver as well.

The medal is a trophy to be cherished, not just to look good on the scoreboard.

A silver medal has a lot to do with your success in life, but there’s a big difference between winning the medal and winning the world title.

A world title is a much more prestigious prize than a silver medal.

When you win one, you get the respect of all the people in the arena.

And when you win the world trophy, you win something you will be forever grateful for.

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