When Joanne gets the chance to be crowned Miss World 2018

When Joanna Gosper wins the Miss World beauty pageant, she’ll be celebrating with a few other friends.

But it’s not the only celebrity who’s going to be spending some time on the red carpet.

A look at the other celebrities who will be attending the ceremony in London.1.

Madonna, Madonna, ‘Madonna, Madonna’ album cover, 2013Virgin, £3.99Buy nowVirgin is offering the album cover for the album Madonna: Madonna’s Secret, as well as the album itself.

The cover was created by artist Rene Sade, who also created the cover for her previous album, Rebel Heart.

The artist’s first collaboration with Madonna was on the 2015 album The Fame, which featured Madonna as the lead singer.2.

Michael Jackson, ‘Live at Madison Square Garden, 1967’ album, 1996-1998Sony, £19.99(UK)Buy nowThe band is bringing back its original version of ‘Live At Madison Square Gardens, 1967’, the album that they released in 1995.

Michael Jackson performed at the event in 1997, while his daughter, Princess Di, will also be joining the band for the event.

The band will be playing the album’s cover version in front of an audience of 1.5 million, and the new version will be released on November 7.3.

Beyonce, ‘Beyoncé, Lemonade, Lemon’ album release party, 2015Beyonce, £10.99The rapper, whose music is often referred to as “hip-hop,” is bringing out a collection of new songs this year that she has named Lemonade.

The songs are set to be released in November, and Beyonce is expected to take the stage at the launch event at the London event on Saturday.4.

Kim Kardashian West, ‘Kardashian, Kardashian, Kardashian’ album released, 2017Kardasport, £12.99Black, £7.99Beyonce is expected for a performance at the annual Kourtney West release party in London on Sunday.

Karda’s husband, Kanye West, will be performing the album on stage.5.

Lady Gaga, ‘Born This Way’ album releases, 2017Lady Gaga, £24.99, iTunes, £15.99Kara Bareilles, the pop star who was a member of Lady Gaga’s iconic group, has announced she’s releasing a new album called Born This Way, which will be her first since her breakthrough album in 2014.

Kara’s new album, which is set to hit stores on November 6, features her debut single, ‘Hello’, which is the single that launched her career.

The album will be out on September 15.6.

Taylor Swift, ‘Swift, Swift, Swift’ album and Swift, 20th anniversary, 2017Taylor Swift, £16.99Available on Apple Music and Spotify, Swift’s 20th birthday celebration has been delayed to September 21, with the album expected to be out by the end of the year.7.

Lady Macbeth, ‘Lady Macbod, Macbeads’ album collection, 2015Lady MacBod, £22.99£24.98Amazon, £14.99Amazon is offering a special edition of the album, featuring Lady MacBeads, a character from the book by Robert Burns.

The artwork for the limited edition album is by artist Katey Sagal.8.

Rihanna, ‘Rihanna, Rihanna’ album launch, 2018Available on iTunes and SpotifyRihana will perform a concert at the inauguration of the Queen Elizabeth II in 2021.

The pop star will be the first woman to be inaugurated as Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, and she will be celebrating by attending the inauguration ceremony on the opening day of the royal funeral in 2022.9.

The Beatles, ‘The Beatles, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album album release, 1962-1969Columbia, £6.99Pink, £8.99You can also buy the album for £7 at Amazon, which includes a deluxe edition of 50 tracks.10.

Taylor Smith, ‘Taylor Smith, Taylor Smith’ album debut, 2017Available on SpotifyTaylor Smith’s debut album is set for release on October 21.11.

The Chainsmokers, ‘Chords, Chainsmoker’ album series, 2015Available on SoundcloudThe Chainsmokes are the latest pop artists to be featured in the series of songs.

The song titles are: ‘Chainsmoker’, ‘Chainz’, ‘Nosferatu’, ‘The Narrow Path’, and ‘Roses’.12.

Rihannas’ debut album release on SpotifyThe rapper is set be performing her debut album, titled Rihanna’s Song, on the second anniversary of her debut in 2019.13.

Kanye West’s first concert with Beyonce in 20 years.

Kanye West, Beyonce and Kanye perform in New York in 2020

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