NFL MVP Mike Williams: ‘I never really thought about how I could get that trophy’

A player who has been in the NFL for 10 years and played in six of them.

A player whose career is littered with multiple head injuries, multiple suspensions, and multiple concussions.

A football legend who’s played for 11 teams and won seven championships.

And he’s the first NFL MVP.

Mike Williams has made it clear to himself that he wants to be a winner, and to do so with the same drive and passion as every other player.

He knows that this moment is special, that he can make a difference in the lives of the people he plays for, and that the fans of the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos will come out in droves to celebrate this moment.

Williams and his teammates have already started to feel the pressure of their first playoff win since 2008.

The Broncos defeated the Chargers 38-31 on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, but they still haven’t won a game since 2007.

They’ve had four wins in a row, but that streak was snapped by the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs last week.

And with that, they’re on the verge of being eliminated from the postseason.

This year’s game has become more about who has the most to prove, and what the future holds.

Williams is a veteran of the game who was drafted in 2008.

He’s played in all 16 playoff games.

His career high for interceptions is seven.

He has one Super Bowl ring.

He was named MVP of the Super Bowl in 2011.

And of course, his team has won nine straight regular season games.

This time, though, it’s a different story.

It’s the Chargers who have taken the lead for the series and will host the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.

If Williams wins the game and the Chargers lose, the game could go to overtime.

The Chargers lead by five with three minutes remaining in the first quarter, and if the Broncos score, the Chargers would win the game.

The Chargers have the lead on two points, but Williams has time to make a play on the ball and to get it to the receiver he has to cover.

He makes a nice move and catches the ball out of the air, but it’s too late.

The ball bounces off the back of the Broncos defender and lands in the hands of running back Shane Vereen, who then picks up the fumble and goes for it on the next play.

Williams picks up two more penalties, and now it’s the Broncos on their way to a 20-3 lead.

Williams was able to make all of his throws against the Broncos, but he was caught off guard by the Broncos offensive line, which he says is a great unit.

Williams didn’t expect this to happen, but the Broncos linemen made sure he knew that he had to make plays.

Williams has also been on the receiving end of some criticism for his actions on the field, which include several tackles and a hit to the head of Broncos cornerback Chris Harris.

He hasn’t made a habit of defending himself, though.

He didn’t even go to the locker room after the game against the Colts because he didn’t want to give any more air to the criticism he’s getting.

He’s a good person, and he wants people to see him as a good teammate, but at the same time he wants his teammates to see his performance in the game, too.

Williams is the NFL’s best receiver, and his role is not to be penalized.

If anything, he should be penalised more.

I just want people to know that I can get up and get the ball, because I’m a hard worker, and I want to be the best receiver that I possibly can be.

I just want to do everything I can to make this team win.

That’s the main thing.

I want my teammates to know I’m the best guy that I could be.

It doesn’t matter if I get fined or if I’m suspended or whatever.

It just comes down to winning the game as a team.

Williams’ teammates are coming together as well.

Defensive end Joey Bosa says he believes in Williams, too, and even quarterback Philip Rivers has taken to calling him the NFL MVP, but both players are feeling pressure from the media to prove themselves.

The media has been calling him MVP, too — for his play, and for being a leader on the team.

So he’s going to have to prove himself.

He just has to stay focused and make sure he’s always working on the right things and just keeps it going.

He needs to keep working, too.

“The media will be looking for any way they can to find some reason why Williams didn, in fact, take a hit from Harris.

Williams believes it was just a play of his in the pocket and that it was a harmless play.

He believes that he should have gotten it and should have won the game if it wasn’t for the play, but what he really

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